Contacts @ Weston Elementary School

Administrative Staff                                                

Fereria, Lisa - Principal

Cockerham, Julie - Secretary-Attendance

Baker, Kristin - Secretary

Soto, Miriam - Librarian


Teaching Staff                                             Teacher Web Site 

Dubbs, Robin - Kindergarten                    

Heidi Hawes  &  Jenna Valponi - Kindergarten                              

Simson, Dori - 1st Grade                                  

Aboytes, LIsandra- 1st Grade                                                         

Gravina, Jennifer   - 2nd Grade                     

Rebecca, Marshall - 2nd Grade                   


Arriola, Debbie - 3rd Grade Teacher           

Udavi, Robyn - 3rd Grade                            


Thompson, Michelle - 4th Grade                      

Walker, Cliff - 4th Grade                                                                                                                                                                                                             Petersen, Crystal - 5th Grade                      

Merchant, Christine - 5th Grade                 


Mora, Lisa - 6th Grade                                  

Coulter, Leslie - 6th Grade                           


Puscizna, Taylor - 7th Grade                        

Dahlin, Jordan     - 7th Grade                        


Neeley, Margaret (Peggy) - 8th Grade         

Morris, Staci- 8th Grade                                


Manrique, Jon - PE                                                   PE information


Taylor, Sarah- Band                                                 Band Information          



Wanta, Inez - Learning Center                                       

Bryan, Wendi- Learning Center


Weidman, Colleen- Speech

Ortiz, Danielle Psychologist

Stingle, Alison Counselor

Mattiuzzo, Justin- Occupational Therapy


Support Staff

Garza-Nuno, Fabiola - Bilingual Liaison

Latno, Holly - Cafeteria

Kirkpatrick, Coby - Lunch Cashier



Ripon Unified School District 
304 N. Acacia Avenue 
Ripon CA 95366 
(209) 599-2131

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This school district does not accept any form of discrimination harassment, intimidation, or bullying, based on actual or perceived characteristics of race or ethnicity, color, ancestry, nationality, national origin, ethnic group identification, age, religion, political affiliation, marital or parental status, mental or physical disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression, or genetic information, or any other basis protected by federal, state or local law, ordinance or regulation, in its educational program(s) or employment. No person shall be denied employment solely because of any impairment which is unrelated to the ability to engage in activities involved in the position(s) or program for which application has been made. If you need a reasonable accommodation to participate in the hiring process, Ripon Unified School District will provide you with one upon notice. Direct any complaints to: Dr. Ziggy Robeson at 304 N. Acacia Avenue, Ripon CA, 95366. Phone number is 209-599-2131.