About Weston Elementary School

Mission Statement  

The mission of Weston Elementary School is to create the best possible learning environment for all students. We value and encourage each child by being competent, flexible, and sensitive to the needs and abilities of all learners. We focus on learning. We recognize diversity and growth and development needs of each individual. We model an attitude of enthusiasm! 

About The School  

Over the 2014-15 School year students were deployed out to the other four elementary schools in Ripon so that Weston could be rebuilt. Weston Elementary was rebuilt thanks to the voters of Ripon passing Measure G Bond.  


The Measure G Bond was passed to do the following: build new classrooms to replace portable facilities, construct and improve science labs and libraries; Improve or construct necessary support facilities including Multipurpose rooms and restrooms; enhance student safety including circulation and parking; Provide the local match requirements for state grants to modernize and construct school facilities; furnish and equip school facilities; address unforeseen conditions revealed by construction/modernization; perform necessary site preparation/restoration in connection with new construction, renovation, modernization, remodeling; Fund deferred maintenance projects and ongoing repairs. 


I am confident that the entire community will be very pleased with the final product!  Teachers and Staff have worked tirelessly to prepare our school for the return of our Weston Families on August 12, 2015.